Terms of use pocket 100gb

1- Wi-Fi internet router with signal available on 4G network.

2- No changes to the device settings are allowed, it is already configured and ready to use.

3- THERE IS NO DAILY USE LIMIT, but if you exceed the monthly limit of 100gb the speed will drop to 128kb by the end of the month. The 100GB will return from the 1st of the month

4 - Payment system by Kombini, Boleto for payment via ATM from the Mail or discounted from the bank account. If you choose Kombibni, there will be an addition of ¥330 to the administrative fee.

4.1 - Payment deadline every 20th of the month. If the payment is not confirmed within the established period, the device signal will be blocked until the payment is confirmed. A fine of ¥2,000 may be charged for re-establishing the signal .

5 - The monthly fee is ¥4,980 + tax (¥5,478)

5.1 – The initial value will be ¥ 3,300 (activation rate) + ¥ 5,478. If there is any promotion, follow the terms of the promotion.

5.2 In case of promotion Fee ¥0 the customer must use the device for 3 Months, in case of cancellation before the period, the amount of ¥3,300 will be charged.

6 – There is no contract regarding the use of the device, however the customer must notify the cancellation 1 month in advance and send back the device and accessories to be registered at the bank. EX: Use until the end of November, notify until 10/20, otherwise it may be debited from the account.

7 - In case of loss of the device, notify immediately to replace the new device, however there will be a fee of ¥3,300 for activation of a new chip.

8 – If you cancel the contract and do not return the device, a fine of ¥20,000 will be charged for the device.

9 - Support in relation to the service, change of address, payments, return of devices can be done through tel 0276-613858 or 080-4087-7905 (Service Hours from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm - Closed on Wednesdays ).

10 – Required documents: Zaryu Card, Driver's License, Kokumin Hoken, Bank Card and Bank Stamp.



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